Our interactive CDRom-based programs are designed to teach accounting principles and concepts to business owners, managers and bookkeepers who are responsible for entering or interpreting accounting data.

Appropriate for use with ANY accounting software.

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"InCharge! has valuable information for each type of business owner. There are formulas and ratios for those who prefer calculations and insight and information for those who prefer interaction. Either way, the information will help a business owner keep more of the money that they generate."

John Isenberg
"This is a very smooth product! I really like the way it keeps track of which modules have been visited,
regardless of the order in which one proceeds - that flexibility is great because it allows for different levels of knowledge and skill."

Susan T. Wolfson, CPA
"This is a great marketing tool - every CPA firm should be giving these CDs to their clients!

Randy Galgas, CPA -
Perry, Hay & Chu, LLP

"TakeCharge! is fast paced, easy to follow, and can be digested in large or small increments. There has been a need for a unique product like this for a long time."

John Hoag, CPA -
Hoag & Robi, CPAs

"I can tell this has been a tremendous amount of work, you have done a great job and I think a lot of bookkeepers and CPAs will really benefit."

Ilene Eisen, CPA -
ie Solutions, Inc.

"I am totally impressed with the high quality appearance of your product."

Paul Montelongo
Success Concepts, Inc.

"TakeCharge! reinsures I'm doing my job accurately and helps me train new employees. Thank you for creating it!"

Jo Della Penna -
JDP Services.

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