Our interactive CDRom-based programs are designed to teach accounting principles and concepts to business owners, managers and bookkeepers who are responsible for entering or interpreting accounting data.

Appropriate for use with ANY accounting software.

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Get a sample of what TakeCharge! and InCharge! have to offer with our free interactive demo.

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View samples of TakeCharge! and InCharge! with our free interactive demo. There are two ways to view the demo, which includes samples from both training programs:

To view an online demo, please select below from one of the product choices. You will be directed to this product demo immediately. A broadband connection is recommended.

If you'd like us to mail you a mini-CD demo, click here. Turnaround time in the continental US is usually under five days. The demo is mailed free to addresses in the US and Canada. There's a $10 charge for mailing to foreign addresses. The $10 fee will be deducted from the price of the CD when you order TakeCharge! or InCharge!

Please Note: This interactive die-cut CDROM is only for use in Tray or Spindle CD drives, not for use in front loading drives.

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